Welcome to Denison Cabral Futebol Clube!

DCFC is 100% focused on player development. We offer a year-round program, that incorporates futsal, to develop young players in a unique way, like the Brazilians. DCFC players have tons of fun as they gain a strategic understanding of the game, improve their technical abilities in the JOGO BONITO style, and play competitively.

DCFC’s coaching style and player evolution differentiate it from area clubes. Players love soccer when the pressure of ranking, goals, points, and wins are removed.  Instead, we focus on player technical skill and development. Competitive pressure will be left to the college and professional athletes.

“My goal has always been to form a clube where kids can learn the right way to play the game. A game that I love and have been blessed to play professionally for over 18 years. Developing quality players that are technically sound, possess confident, smart field play, passion for the game, and a positive attitude is my personal mission as director, mentor, and founder of DCFC.” Denison Cabral, President and Founder.

We hope you learn more about the clube and inquire about opportunities to join our DCFC family.

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Location: 1031 Benfield Blvd. Millersville, MD 21108